Thursday, June 1, 2017

What this blog is for

The Counter-feminist Express will feature short (or short-ish) entries and, in accordance with internet wisdom, will be updated frequently. The material will be consistent with a Strict Anti-Feminist (SAF) political mandate:

This is not a venue for the men's rights movement. We think it is futile to chase more than one rabbit at a time, and that is why we take a narrow, specialized approach. The rabbit in our sights is feminism. Just feminism.

We wish to encourage a disestablishment of the feminist worldview, followed by a general collapse of the feminist power structure across society. Clearly, this will encompass a range of operations, but in the end we wish to make feminism just another faceless competitor in the marketplace of ideas.

Feminists will learn to mind their manners, and peddle their literature door to door like Jehovah's Witnesses. If they wish to repair their public image, they must do some redemptive brown-nosing.

We have another blog called The Counter-feminist 2 (CF2) which serves as a repository for weighty articles on key topics. We encourage you to study that material if you want to be conversant with the material on the present blog. We will often link to CF2 in order to contextualize what is posted here:

This post is future-dated, to pin it on top of the stack. The most recent post follows this one, after which they proceed in reverse chronological order.

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