Thursday, December 31, 2015

Timely Comment at "The Skeptic Feminists"

I left a rather long comment on The Skeptic Feminists YouTube channel:

The material is topical, timely and important, so I am sharing it here now.

I could not find Garret's original video on his channel. However, here are some pointers I wanted to address to him, that would help him to up his game.  Maybe he will drop by here and see this:

** Learn not to conflate "anti-feminist" with "misogynist". If you continue to do so, you will continue to alienate people, and add more fuel to the anti-feminist fire.

** Stop saying "anti-feminist" like it's a bad thing. People are turning against feminism for a variety of reasons, and if you don't face up to this, you will only confirm their worst opinions of feminism and perpetuate the downward spiral.

** Stop projecting feminist ideological cartographies onto the non-feminist sector when you clearly don't understand much about the non-feminist sector in the first place. It is arrogant to do so, and only lowers your standing in non-feminist eyes and breeds more anti-feminism.

** Stop using such constructs as "men's rights movement" and "MRA" without narrowing your field of definition and specifying who-or-what you are talking about. If you are going to call for a "second wave" of something, you need to be clear what the alleged "first wave" consisted of. People need to know if you are talking about something objective, or merely something in your head. This ties back to my remark about ideological cartographies, supra.

** Understand that feminism, not the rest of the world, needs to answer for itself. Even if it sticks in your craw, you ought to "tone police" yourself a little bit. Feminism must sell itself to the world; the world is not obligated to buy. Hence, tact and diplomacy are the order of the day.

** Non-feminist people outnumber you, and they are not bound to any collective moral accountability, especially since they do not represent any monolithic ideological stance.

** Understand that "mens' rights" and "anti-feminism" cannot be viewed in isolation from each other. Many people believe, for varying reasons, that feminism is at least partly implicated in the problems which men face today. If you treat these people and their concerns dismissively, you add fuel to the fires of anti-feminism.

I thank Garrett for his most informative and revealing video, which brings us up to date on the ever-changing situation map.

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